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Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device

Perfect for average or larger sized rooms, the Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device helps cleanse your airways and remove airborne pollutants while you sleep or work.

Cleanse your airways and remove airborne pollutants with the dual benefits of the Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device.

Salin Plus is an international award-winning medical device that removes airborne pollutants, such as dust and pollen, like traditional air purifiers.

Additionally, it releases tiny therapeutic salt ions, cleansing your airways, setting the unit in a class above its competitors.

Recommended For

Asthma ✚  COPD ✚  Cystic Fibrosis
✚  Bronchitis Sleep Apnea Allergies/Hayfever
Snoring Sinusitis Cold & Flu
Ear Infections   Post Nasal Drip   Pneumonia

Salt Room Therapy in Your Home!

The salt therapy device creates an environment similar to salt rooms, and may help to clear congestion in the ear, nasal & sinus cavities, throat and lungs.

  • Helps sleep by clearing mucus from the airways, making breathing easier
  • Wake feeling more refreshed
  • Experience respiratory and well-being improvements after only one night
  • Effective anti-snoring device, allowing you to breathe through the nose.

The extremely low dose of salt (less than 0.1g/day) makes Salin Plus ideal for all ages:

  • Infants and children - relief from symptoms of allergies, cough, colds, blocked noses
  • Pregnant women - enjoy drug-free respiratory relief
  • Elderly and frail – for health and well-being
  • Healthy individuals - maintain good health & well-being through the benefits of the sodium ions.

How to use the device

Your purchased device will include one salt filter cartridge. Additional replacement cartridges may be purchased separately. Place the device on your bedside table or desk, facing towards you, and plug the power cord into the mains power. 

When to use the device

We recommend you use the device when you sleep for a minimum of eight hours per night. Alternatively, use the device in the daytime, or in addition to sleeping. We recommend you use your device as much as possible in the first month, then adhere to a minimum of eight hours per night throughout the year to enhance well-being and reduce the likelihood of infection. 

About the Device

  • Controllable fan speed determines salt output
  • Energy efficient & cost effective
  • 2-year warranty
  • Quiet & maintenance free
  • Supports room size of up to 5,300 cubic feet. 
  • One filter cartridge included with purchase

See FAQs for more info.


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