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There are few things more important in life as getting a good night’s sleep. Far from a luxury, sleep is vital for our mental and physical health, preventing serious diseases, cognitive problems, obesity, immune problems, and much more. Children also need good, sound sleep for optimal growth and development.

Staying awake all night, tossing and turning due to coughing fits, a blocked nose or your partner’s snoring is undeniably no fun! Often, these issues are caused by dust or pollen in the air that causes allergies. Alternatively, respiratory infections can cause broken sleep due to a build-up of mucus, causing congestion and breathing difficulties.

“We have been using our Salin Plus for about 4 years now and it is the only thing that has made any difference to my husband’s snoring. In fact I can tell when I need to replace the filter by the fact that he starts to snore when it's due for replacement and stops again immediately that the new one is fitted. It also is amazing at keeping colds at bay and just for general wellbeing.” - Von

Many conditions affect sleep including hay fever, sinusitis, bronchitis, coughing and multi-chemical sensitivity syndrome. Fortunately, these sleeping conditions can be greatly alleviated using a Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device.

“... (The device) allows breathing through the nose at night allowing me to get a good night’s sleep and eliminates snoring. My wife is also very happy as her sleep isn't being disturbed. The effects after using the machine for a short time (2 nights) were amazing.” – George”

How to Stop Snoring with Salt Therapy

The lightweight, compact, energy-efficient Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device is like having a “salt room” in your own home, and works in two ways: 

  • It contains a small, adjustable fan and powerful air filter which removes dust and allergens from the air, helping to keep allergic symptoms at bay and in turn, allowing you to breathe and sleep easily. 
  • It contains tiny, breathable salt particles, similar in size to those found in salt caves. These soothing salt particles make their way into your lungs and sinuses as you breathe, forming microcrystals which open the airways and help break up the troublesome mucus.

The Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device is recommended by over 1,500 pharmacists, with over 30,000 happy customers.

“I purchased a Salin Plus salt therapy unit for my mother. She didn't sleep well due to coughing and snoring all night. Since using Salin Plus salt therapy her coughing has STOPPED and has reduced her snoring. Prior to this I bought and installed an air conditioner in her room but it didn't help. The Salin Plus salt therapy unit has been the best thing I have bought her in helping her sleep. Thanks very much Salin Plus.” - Elizabeth


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