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90% of adults have suffered from sinusitis at some point in their lives. It is the result of an infection of the mucous membrane, and can be caused by responses to airborne agents, allergic reactions or common respiratory illnesses (like the common cold or allergies).

The sinuses are in the spaces behind your cheek bones and forehead. These spaces are usually free of germs, though when inflamed can cause mucus to become stuck. Trapped mucus can then fill the mucous membrane, causing an uncomfortable sensation of pressure and providing an excellent environment for the growth of bacteria. 

Sinus Infection Symptoms

Sinusitis can cause pressure or pain in the head or face (where the sinuses are located). Loss of smell, congestion, coughing and a runny nose are all common factors. Other symptoms can include bad breath and dental pain. An acute sinus infection may start suddenly and last up to four weeks, while a chronic sinus infection can last 12 weeks or longer. The experience of more severe symptoms like fever or frequent discoloured discharge may indicate chronic sinusitis.

Sinusitis Relief Through Salt Therapy

Dry salt aerosol stops mucus from building up in the sinus and can reduce inflammation. The bacteria in the mucus membrane (which is what causes sinusitis) is then easier to remove from the body, potentially preventing reinfection and reducing the severity of symptoms.

The Salin Plus Replacement Salt Filter Cartridge contains healing salt particles that are released into the air. It also filters allergens (10 microns in size or greater) that would cause further discomfort and swelling in the sinuses.

“I have been using the Salin Plus for around 18 months now and what a vast improvement to my Sinus, I used to have discoloured mucus and sinus infections all the time but I have not had an infection since I have been using this product and my breathing has improved at night….”– Carolyn S

Switching on the Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device helps keep the mucus flowing and reduces blockages by decreasing sinus inflammation, thanks to the properties of the 100% natural salt particles. In an entirely passive and non-invasive way, salt therapy thins mucus that can result in clearer sinuses. Customers have told us that 8 hours of salt therapy can alleviate the feeling of pressure in the head that sinusitis causes, allowing them to get the rest that they need.

“We have been using Salin Plus for about a year now. I suffer from severe sinusitis and the Salin plus unit seems to help a lot with my breathing at night and I have seen a decrease in sinus headaches during the day. It also appears to help decrease my son's cough when he's a bit asthmatic… I would definitely recommend giving the Salin Plus a go if you suffer from sinusitis.” -ML


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