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What is Pneumonia?

Affecting around 7% of the population, pneumonia is a lung condition that causes inflammation of the alveoli. The alveoli are small sacs in the lungs that filter oxygen so it can be used in the body. Pneumonia causes them to malfunction and clog with mucus, causing respiratory problems. 

Those with other lung diseases such as COPD or asthma have a higher probability of contracting pneumonia. With the advent of modern medicine in the 20 th century, previously high mortality rates of pneumonia have been reduced greatly. Salt therapy reduces the severity of pneumonia symptoms; aids recovery; and helps the lungs heal. 

“I have suffered from chest infections often leading to pneumonia for over 4 years. Having to take antibiotics regularly I was advised from a friend to try Salin Plus. Since purchasing the Salin Plus I have not had an infection for 8 months now which previously I was getting an infection at least every 3 months.” - Mrs Olsen

Pneumonia Symptoms

Signs of pneumonia include a high fever involving body shakes, teeth chattering, chest pain and trouble breathing. Coughing, including fits, is common, though often absent in children less than 2 months old. Loss of appetite, nausea and fatigue often accompany other symptoms. Some elderly people may experience mental confusion due to pneumonia. 

Pneumonia Treatment Through Salt Therapy

The Salin Plus device provides natural, non-invasive rehabilitation for those afflicted by pneumonia. Inhalation of dry salt particles provides relief from pneumonia symptoms and aids recovery. The anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of salt therapy allows congestion in the lungs to be broken down; coughing to be reduced; and breathing to be eased.

“…No chest infections for the past 4 months, excellent sleep waking up feeling very rested and I don't have to clean out my nose, throat and chest every morning!! Also, my husband doesn't snore when the machine is running - double bonus!!...”– Kelly B

Salt therapy also reduces airborne particles that trigger coughing in pneumonia sufferers. The G4 micro-crystallized pre-filter circulates and purifies air, removing 98% of particles 10 microns or greater. This results in a double benefit when using the Salin Plus device - cleaner air circulates inside the room, while the inhalation of dry salt aerosol allows for easy breathing; expulsion of mucus and a good night’s rest.

Children and the elderly benefit greatly from drug-free, natural salt therapy. Turning on the Salin Plus device while recovering from pneumonia aids recovery, increases comfort, and reduces IgE levels (immune system oversensitivity).


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