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Ear Infection


Ear infections are particularly common in children, and it is estimated that 80% of children have experienced an ear infection at least once. They may take form as an outer ear infection (swimmer’s ear) or inner ear infection, though a middle ear infection (otitis media) is by far the most common. An allergy or infection can cause the eustachian tubes, connecting the ears to the throat, to become blocked. The blockage traps fluid in the ear creating a breeding ground for bacteria and resulting in an ear infection. 

Ear Infection Symptoms

Ear infections can cause ear pain, fever, loss of balance, headaches, fluid in the ear, ear discharge, sleep deprivation, hearing loss and the feeling of a clogged ear. A general feeling of sickness or fever is not uncommon, with many children experiencing vomiting. Children with an ear infection, especially babies, will be irritable. Often, they cannot express the feeling of an earache, and resort to rubbing or tugging at their ears. Home remedies for ear infections are often ineffective, but Salin Plus provides a natural, easy alternative.

Ear Infection Treatment Through Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is an effective alternative to antibiotics or ear draining surgery. The dry salt from a Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device creates a environment in your home similar to natural salt caves. The diffused, 100% natural rock salt particles are non-corrosive and kill bacteria. They greatly loosen up blockages and absorb moisture that may be present in the ear.

The tiny, breathable particles from a Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device can provide relief from the pain of ear infections. Adults and children can get the rest they need by turning on the Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device at night. Salt therapy is proven to provide passive relief from ear infection symptoms naturally and without drugs. Just like our tens of thousands of happy customers, you can experience better health and wellbeing with salt therapy from Salin Plus.

Having had two children that from an early age have suffered ear, nose and throat issues the introduction of the Salin Plus therapy about 18 months ago has truly changed our lives that I’ve purchased them one each. I feel that we’ve definitely made money from the machine as they run every night in both boys’ bedrooms. I’ve found that even when suffering colds, ear infections or croup the children seem to sleep better. Coughing is reduced significantly, blocked noses are relieved, they seem to sleep better and their recovery time from illness is definitely shortened since we’ve introduced the Salin Salt Therapy to our household. I would strongly recommend for any parent that has children that suffer with ENT issues to introduce the Salin Salt Therapy to assist with your children's ailments. It’s well worth spending the money not only for your children's recovery time during illness, their general health but more importantly for that sanity of the parent during illness.”  - Melissa


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