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Cold & Flu

The common cold and the flu are infectious conditions that spread both through the air and direct contact. They most commonly transfer from person to person via coughs, sneezes and unwashed hands. Most people will experience a cold or flu at some point in their lives. The cold affects the average adult two to four times a year, while the flu spreads quickly in yearly outbreaks. Both conditions have very similar symptoms, though influenza is almost always more severe. 

Common Cold Symptoms

Within a day of exposure to the cold, symptoms can include headaches and sneezing; usually followed by coughing and a runny nose. A sore throat, nasal congestion and loss of appetite may also be experienced. Young children may experience fever. The cough from a cold generally lasts for a week, though can persist longer. 

“…cold symptoms lasted only a few days as my immune system is stronger thanks to the help of my Salin Plus Salt Therapy machine which I use every night for a better sleep.” 

Sue C.

Flu Symptoms

Those who have been infected with influenza will likely experience similar symptoms to the cold, though more severe. This includes a cough, nasal congestion, sneezing, a headache, and fatigue. Having influenza also involves a high fever, body aches and a feeling of extreme coldness. 

Experiences of nausea are referred to as the stomach flu, though this is more common in children.

Cold and Flu Relief Through Salt Therapy

Breathing in dry salt from a Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device can settle inflammation caused by repeated coughing and sneezing.  The 1-5 micron salt particles are absorbed into the lungs as microcrystals, working to break down bacteria and allowing it to be coughed up in the form of phlegm or mucus. This widens the airways and reduces inflammation. 

The replaceable Salin Plus Salt Filter stops airborne particles that are over 10 microns, only letting through purified air. This provides an extra benefit to someone with a cold or influenza, since the diffused salt air not only cleanses the bronchial tree but stops irritants that would cause further coughing or sneezing. 

“This filter has been very helpful during the long cold winter. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sleep is precious and often difficult for me due to sensitivity issues. This has been the first winter in as long as I can remember that has been cold and flu free. Good, clean breathing has really helped.” - David C

For best results, use your Salin Plus all year round. The Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device acts as a preventative. So don’t wait for symptoms to present themselves. Reduce the likelihood and severity of infection with all year round Salin Plus Salt Therapy, and enjoy the benefits of a healthier you.


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