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What is Asthma?

Asthma is a long-term condition that inflames and narrows the airways, limiting the regular travel of mucus and oxygen. Asthma can be caused by factors such as poor air quality, smoking during pregnancy or simply bad genetic luck. The shortness of breath that asthma is known for is caused by inflammation and swelling of the bronchi. There are many common triggers that cause asthma to worsen, such as perfumes, mould, dust, exercise and stress. Children are some of the most commonly affected by asthma, though many grow up to experience less severe symptoms in adult life. Other conditions such as sleep apnea or sinusitis are more likely to be present in a person who has asthma.

Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma has several characteristic symptoms, including wheezing, a tight chest, trouble breathing and coughing. Mucus produced by the body can be difficult to cough up, causing further congestion and discomfort. Symptoms are often worse at night, and when exposed to a trigger sufferers may experience an asthma attack, where the airways are almost totally constricted. Many people resort to using an inhaler for relief when experiencing asthma symptoms, but Salin Plus goes one step further.

“Salin plus has really helped me to achieve a full night’s sleep by assisting my breathing and improving my health and well-being. As a long-term asthmatic, I can comfortably vouch for this product and will keep using it in the future.” – Mr. M

Asthma Relief Through Salt Therapy

Turning on the Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device provides anti-bacterial salt particles that are inhaled passively. The salt is 1-5 µm, entering the lungs and sinuses in the form of microcrystals. It then works to break up excess mucus, phlegm or sputum; reducing infection, inflammation and widening airways. 

 “I have been using my Salin Plus for 12 months now for my asthma. After a couple of weeks my asthma has improved immensely. My chest is clearer, my breathing is much easier. I’m so glad I bought my Salin Plus ...I have been sleeping so much better, over the past 12 months” –K Beaver

The device has a double benefit, with a powerful G4 micro-crystallised pre-filter working to remove 98% of particles in the air sized 10 µm or greater. The filter greatly reduces the chance of being affected by an asthma trigger such as dust or animal hair. This results in easy breathing and a peaceful night’s sleep without asthma inhalers, tubes or masks.

By using the salt therapy, both children and adults alike can obtain natural, effective relief night or day. The Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device simply needs to be turned on to reduce the occurrence of asthma attacks, prevent inflammation and stave off infection. Whether it’s used overnight, in the workspace or just around the house, the Salin Plus Salt Therapy Device can give relief from asthma symptoms in rooms up to 5,000 cubic feet.

 “What a difference Salin Plus has made to my life. I suffer from chronic asthma and just last week I got a nasty cold, straight away the Salin Plus was turned on. Normally I would get a chest infection and I would be on my nebuliser every 4 hours and a course of antibiotics and Prednisolone . WOW what a difference! I woke up and my nasal passages were clear I still had the cough but didn't end up on medication That's a first in many years. I couldn't believe the bonus I got, IT STOPPED my husband SNORING, so it will be on every night now, cold or no cold.” - Margaret

“…been using the Salin plus salt therapy for several years now. I have had asthma and sinus problems for 40 years. I find my sinus headaches are much reduced and night coughing has almost gone. I definitely sleep better when the Salin machine is on and my lung function is much improved.” – Helen


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