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Salt Pipe Inhaler by Salin Plus has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 6 reviews.

Salt Pipe Inhaler by Salin Plus

The Salin Plus Salt Pipe Inhaler is a mobile version of the Salin Plus Salt Therapy device. Unlike traditional salt pipes, the Salin Plus Salt Pipe  consistently releases sub 5 micron dry salt particles (ideal size) when inhaled and does not require to be refilled ever.

Ideal when flying, playing sport, exposed to allergens, or prolonged exposure to dry air (diving). Store in a cool dry place, avoiding high humidity. Use as often as required. Comes with a protective case.

The salt granules are prepared in such a way, that when inhalation occurs it causes tiny particles to be released from the rapid collision effect. Laboratory tests showed that after 1 hour use per day for 2 years, the device was still working effectively, by emitting microscopic salt particles when inhalation occurred. The sleek design with window into salt chamber enables the user watch the salt react when inhalation occurs. 

For Canadian customers, we recommend ordering through our Amazon store in Canada, for faster delivery and no customs fees.

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